"Where True Quantum Healing continues to evolve"



"I feel Chris is peeling away layers, and I am making progress. I am grateful for his kindness and his dedication. With my last session with Chris, a lot of knowledge came for me afterwards, and new questions to ask. I ask the universe to bless Chris and his loved ones. If you choose a session with Chris you will see a marked difference. I highly recommend him"


"Chris is truly awesome. I've scheduled several appointments with him so far and they've been a tremendous help in aiding me along my path of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. During his clearings I started to feel a noticeable difference, and after a session has completed I am left with more answers. Thank you Chris for providing me with spiritual sovereignty"


"Thank you chris I feel much lighter and calm the irritating negative feelings and thoughts are not there. Feel more harmony and happy with my life and self"


"This has been another amazing session with Chris. My issues were with my difficulty breathing, and after the session, I felt a huge difference and a better understanding of what was happening in my body. Chris is very patient in explaining what he is doing and what he is receiving. Chris is the real thing, and he gets right to the point. Thanks Chris, I appreciate you"


"Thanks Chris for your amazing healing and gifts. I had a chronic sinus infection with continual headaches for about a year and after one session I can now breathe clearly with no pain! Also my feet were inflamed and painful for approx. 8 years, now no pain and I carry my small tensor ring around with me and walk on the grass barefoot to continue with grounding as was advised by Chris. I use my tensor ring to restructure my drinking water and found a side effect I didn't expect of not having to get up and go to the toilet in the middle of the night! Thanks again"


"Chris at TRULY HOLISTIC NZ is the real deal. In a world of far too many "woo woo" alternative snakeoil salesman, it's refreshing to find someone that eskews the sexy and flashy and just concentrates on results. Chris is gifted, generous with time and incredibly humble"


"This has been another amazing session with Chris. My issues were my difficulty with breathing, and after the session, I felt a huge difference and a better understanding of what was happening in my body. Chris is very patient in explaining what he is doing and what he is receiving. Chris is the real thing, and he gets right to the point. Thanks Chris I appreciate you"


"Did another session with Chris. My business had become very flat, no matter how much marketing I was doing. So I had him focus to get my business back in the flow. He found some negative interference and cleared it. As soon as the session was over I had 7 clients call and schedule. Thanks!"


"Chris' YouTube videos are really interesting, so I made an appoitnment and was amazed with the results. I ordered the products the next day and am excited to pre-order his book. Suffering from anxiety, fatigue and other health issues - I have tried everything. So if you are like me, where nothing else has worked, please give this a go!. Many thanks"


"Chris Fabish is the real deal as an energy healer. Every session I do with him, I feel the powerful energy in my body and I feel serene and happy. He worked on my spouse whose deep muscle pain was removed instantly. He has helped my family with healing energy and removing damaging lower vibrational energy from  our home"


"Chris is an amazing healing practitioner. As a healer myself I am really mindful about who I work with. He listens to what your needs are and is able to pinpoint key issues. e is able to work on the body, mind and spirit with his tools. I've been working with him over a year now and he has helped me find balance in my life after so much turmoil and I've seen changes immediately during and after a session. I've worked with many coaches and healers, and Chris has helped me shift and heal in a way most have not been able to"


"Truly Holistic has healed my heart in so many ways. You feel safe to share your blocks, hurdles and fears here. Then you get an amazing healing on those issues. I did an intensive healing at Truly Holistic and my problems seem to melt away. More money came into my life by the second session I had for that week. I know things were changing when anger, grudges, fears and money issues vanished overnight"


"I have worked with Chris, he has also worked on my kids and hubby. Chris is amazing and I love his geometry tools he works with, as they are amazing. I am a big believer that we come here with karma and Chris can help shift the energy with his modality. If you have pain in your body or some kind of trouble he uses dowsing to find out where its coming from"


"I have had two sessions with Chris, and more to come, and I am amazed at his dowsing abilities to be able to detect exactly the issues I am dealing with. My pain level has diminished greatly in a foot issue I have. I am feeling more peace and hope within myself and I am starting to have a few visions. What I really appreciate is Chris explaining what he is doing which I find helps release the issue, and the compassion he has for humanity. Thank you Chris, you are certainly needed during these exciting times"


"Chris is an incredible healer and visionary. You tell him what you want healed or cleared, and he works with his guides, tools and source to make it happen for you!. His method is different than any healer I have ever worked with, which makes it even more exciting because it's a brand new experience!. If you have anything you feel you want to work on your self, career, love, or life - then I urge you to contact Chris. He is a miracle worker, i'm living proof!"


"A true Magician, a white wizard. Chris has worked with me, my family, and my dog. The sessions reveal some interesting truths. I became calm, peaceful, relaxed and gained amazing results. The sessions lighten, lift, clear and release you. Truly wonderful. Thank you for your services to humanity. You are a God send"


"Chris is very skilled in the realm of quantum energy healing. I had a healing session with him, and during the session could start to feel better. He was able to identify the root of my issues and focus in on the source of the problem. I will be doing more energy work with Chris in the future"


"When Chris was doing the session, I had a great amount of energy move through my body. I had an issue that I couldn't budge and Chris was able to move that out with no discomfort at all.  I am grateful for Chris and his ability, as it saves hours of trips, and tons of money compared to other treatments. He is knowledgeable, accurate and goes deep!. I highly recommend checking him out and having sessions with him, for lasting benefits and enhancing your quality of life. I am sure that even if your pet had issues Chris would be the one to contact"


"Chris helped me with back pain in just one session. I definitely recommend Chris to my friends, and to everyone, he is a miracle healer"


"I have had two outstanding healing sessions with Chris. Chris is very gifted with his quantum healing. He communicates well, provides useful information and is genuinely interested in providing healing for his clients. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of great information to share to support the information he receives from source. Words cannot fully express enough how grateful I am to my guides for directing me to contact with Chris and start healing. I started healing from the start of the first session and am continuing to transform. I have made more progress from two sessions with Chris than years and years of seeking help and answers from conventional medicine"


"I have had many great sessions with Chris. He is flexible, affordable and I like his style. I have worked with many other healers that overcharge and didn't clear as much. I have made a lot of progress doing these sessions. Chris just recently uncovered some core issues that is been bothering me for a long time. He helped me tune into a friend that just crossed over that was heartwarming and phenomenal!. I just bought another package I will be doing more sessions!"


"I was unable to drive over bridges due to a phobia. I would feel trapped. Participated in a free healing demonstration with Chris working on this issue. Seven weeks later I am happy to say I have driven over the bridges at least ten times since that night"


"I have had 3 sessions with Chris. Recommended to me in the US. I am a health care provider and have moved into an integrative approach. Chris's passion and energy to be connected and a contribution is palpable. I am so grateful I followed my guidance and I look forward to sharing more experience with this amazing human. Thank you"

Mary Ann

"Hi Chris, I wanted to write to say a big thank you for my healing, I had waited initially to reach out as I wasn't sure of protocol but wanted to let you know I felt a strong pull in my head and I could feel your energy that I'd got from your vids as the sensation happened, and from that day onward no more horrible astral situations with random males thank you!!!! was it a reptilian implant? I could feel you reach into my brain and it just went pop! :)"


"My sister had been diagnosed with NPH(normal pressure hydrocephalus) which occurs when there is excess cerebral spinal fluid pressure in the brain ventricles. The doctors didn't expect her to get full mental capacity back. But after you doing a session on her, and making some changes, she has gone from have 10% mental capacity to now having 90% mental capacity, WOW!. The doctor's couldn't believe it!."


"After suffering with a sore lower back and kneeling was painful I had treatment from Chris. As it happens my spine was out of alignment and I have had relief straight away. Now I don't need to take ibuprofen any more. I had been taking 1600 mg a day, and had been on this medication for 5 years. Thanks".


"I just finished a session with you. I felt the clearing that you did. The session was amazing. I am feeling so much better. I will be booking again. Thank you so much"


"I found Chris on YouTube a little over a year ago. I was guided by my guides to work with him. It's been quite a journey working with him every 3 months or so. The healing he has been doing is incredible, I wanted to do an intensive healing and i'm now working with him once or twice a week for a short period of time. We are about 6 weeks in and everything has changed so far, as my karma with others, my reaction to events happening, my family is healing and the healing has even changed my income - it's tripled unexpectedly. We are focused on healing love and a wonderful side effect of this is that it clears my energy so I can do more for my clients. Before meeting Chris at Truly Holistic, I'd never worked with geometry tools!. His work has brought me to the next level of ascension and the next level of healing. I highly recommend his work. I seriously could write him 10 different testimonials on different amazing things that have happened in the past 6 weeks!


"I've been working with Chris for some time now. My life is much different. I'm healthier, happier and so many areas of my life have improved and continue to do so. From finances to love, creating healthier boundaries and to being all round much more peaceful and thriving. He listens well and allows a safe place for one to receive the healing they desire. I'm truly grateful for Chris and what he brings forth in his sessions"


"My aunt got me a healing with Chris, and she told me to have him do a love healing. After that love healing, I felt like I wanted to eat healthier, and no longer had a need for so much sugar. I had more energy, suicidal thoughts went away. I was super excited to do another healing right away"


"Chris is one of the most amazing healers I've been too. He knows what you need during a healing and he really wants to see you better!. I found him on YouTube a year ago and I have sent my friends and family to him. I even send clients his way when we can't go any further in our healing sessions or we find that we get stuck on something. I honestly feel that everyone should try at least one healing with him. He's helped my health, worked on me with crisis, love life and a lot more!"



"A friend of mine went to Chris to seek help, he was in a bad way, having been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Chris removed two viruses which were attacking his kidneys and causing them not to function properly. He also suffered terribly with phantom pains due to being an amputee (he had 2 very bad accidents years ago). His back and neck was realigned as there were a lot of discs out of alignment. Also scar tissue was removed from his stump, the effect has been amazing. My friend has a new lease on life and I can see it in his face how much this has done for him, he feels so much better, and does not have to rely on pain killers like he has done for years! Absolutely wonderful".


"After the session I felt really strong, felt clear headed and the best I have felt for a long time. Felt like myself again!"



" Thanks Chris for working on my knee. When I woke up in the morning I had so much more movement. Its truly amazing how this all works. Highly recommend to anybody looking for other options"


"Just wanted to thank you again tell you how grateful I am to have had your help. I have noticed the biggest change in myself since last week. I definitely owe you. Feeling grateful"


"Suffering from diabetes type 1, Chris has helped me tremendously in treating it. I am now much more insulin sensitive and my body is functioning better. He has given me great nutrition and vitamin advice. He has also removed negative entities and energies which has left me feeling better and like myself again. He also did dimensional and realm work on me, my organs and source self. He is very professional, kind and a very competent healer. Definitely feel a difference after each session. I would recommend Chris and his healing services to everyone in fact. I wish everyone would give his healing a try. It works!"


"Thank you Chris for your wonderful Avante Garde healing. You are definitely part of the "solution". People please keep this guy in your prayers as he is so much needed in this evolvement process we are going through. Much love"



"I had depression for 52 years and within one session was able to have it cleared with the help of Chris Fabish"



 "What an amazing journey of healing Chris took me on! A whole hour of unravelling the negatives blocks and entities connected to my soul and physical body. Chris helped me understand why certain parts of my body were not functioning properly and took away the reasons. I felt chills, resistance from entities, sensations of entities passing out of my physical body, sensations of clarity once entities had been lifted. This is truly amazing! Chris hears your issues and sets about releasing you from them, to provide peace and harmony in this dimension and beyond. Thank you so much Chris for this healing. Love and Light ❤

P.S. Those reptilians hadn't finished with me once the session was over, they tried to block me from posting my testimonial to Chris's session on my fb site. Chris intervened and the post went up straight away. More proof that we are under attack and that Chris has what it takes to protect us from them"



 "Just had an amazing session with Chris, I am feeling better and lighter at the moment. Thank you so much for everything"



 "This was SO worth it. I can only imagine how satisfied you must feel about doing this work, it's truly amazing. The arthritis is gone!"



 "Wow. what a wonderful session!, so much activity. It was especially emotional when I saw the black entity leaving my car"



"Chris, thank you for the wonderful treatment yesterday.  I woke up this morning with no pain in my left elbow and the inflammation and swelling are gone.  Your healing focus erased years of pain. Thank you so much".



"Just had a fantastic session with Chris from Truly Holistic. I've suffered with asthma for 50+ years. Recently it has become harder and harder for me to breathe. Within 20 minutes of starting the session I felt a great release and I'm breathing so much easier than I can ever remember. Thank you, thank you, Chris, for your help".



"I feel like a new person today!! Normally I wake up exhausted and my tumour is hard and painful. I can’t eat for a few hours because of the discomfort. This morning though, I woke up happy and smiling - at 6:45!! That’s a huge improvement for me. And my tumour felt softer. No swelling on my body today either".


"My time with Chris was truly amazing. I went in with no expectations and I have come out with a whole new perspective, love and understanding for life. I was gifted a session of 'True Quantum Healing' and I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to move forward within their personal growth/spiritual journey. I will be back again for more sessions!"

Doubleux D.

"Chris is an amazing person and his methods helped me with my health problem. I will continue to work with him as my journey is not yet over. I would recommend him to anyone who needs healing, it might not be conventional but it works. He is professional, empathetic, and a caring person"


"MY GOD I CAN GO ON ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL GEM THAT I HAVE FOUND!!! I've been with Chris for a year and a half now, and he's helped me go sooo far along now with my healing journey! I was at an all-time-low and lost everything, literally in my life!!! My heart felt broken, and I was attracting so many bad things that were attacking me, and attaching themselves to me... I wish I could say exactly what, but it's truly personal. He's actually taken things away from me to where I was so amazed I can actually feel the physical aspects of this awesome healing!!! That's crazy! I've been searching for healers for myself now for a long time. I'm so happy to know in this scary, unknown world that I have Chris, who I can depend on!!! I still get healings regularly, (I was a complete mess before going to him) and send my family, friends and clients to him as well because he's so amazing, and I trust him and his work... Anyone reading this should give this awesome healer a try, definitely! I'm beyond grateful for this type of healing, and especially this man who's extremely gifted and humble. He's almost psychic in the way he taps into your issues amazingly well! Thank you so much Chris!!!"


"Chris is a gifted healer who provides an amazing experience that is based on results. He is more than happy to explain if you have any questions about the process. From personal experience what Chris does works. It might be different from what your used to, but it works. My life is forever changed because of the work he does"

Matthew Jay C

"Chris is an incredible healer! I have been working with him for 6 months now and he was able to address some long standing physical problems of mine and bring discernible results. I have worked with many alternative healers in the past and nothing compares to him. Additionally, he is extremely kind and humble, never playing God. I am enthusiastic about my sessions and I am going to continue. Seldom have I been able to recommend someone without reservation and this is the case with Chris"


"Hi I want to thank Chris, for helping my daughter with her hormones and relationship. He made a great breakthrough before she would have ended up being very sick. Can't thank him enough, bless him"

Elizabeth O

"Chris at Truly Holistic is absolutely amazing at what he does... Quantum healing... He addresses every health issue I had... I was totally blown away how he manipulates energy fields. I had bought 3 sessions and the amount of healing was worth 1000x times more value than I paid, as it is priceless. He can see things related to health that a doctor couldn't give today even with all the specialised equipment"


"The session this time was for my dog and it was about one week ago. I was told by her vet that she had lyme's which affected the way she walked and her liver. She would limp a lot and had lost her desire to play. As of 2 days ago, she started to have more energy and her limp is a lot less than it used to be. But I know she feels better because of the way she is trying to make us laugh. I will be doing another session in another month or two for a follow up. Chris also shared things that the vet never mentioned and this was helpful information. One month ago, my life felt broken because I thought my dog had received a death sentence, but I now know this is false. Thank you Chris!!!"


"I experienced great success with Chris in our session. This time Chris was working on my heart and I was wearing my Fit-Bit WATCH. I can see my heart rate change as he was working on it. I recommend him highly"


"Chris has done miraculous therapy for me. My hyperthyroidism was doing havoc with my body, driving me into panic. In just one treatment the heart palpitations are gone. I can sleep now. I am emotionally stable and myself again. In this same session he also healed my painful left arm, that was bothering me for a few months - pain completely disappeared. He could detect the original source of my health problems, and such knowing is very helpful for me. His work is very professional, precise and highly effective. I am very grateful to have this healing opportunity with Chris"