"Where True Quantum Healing continues to evolve"



Distance True Quantum Healing

There is no need to use up several hours of your time or pay a lot of money to travel to my clinic. I provide a form of distance healing that works just as well as you being right next to me in the clinic. Your visual image, voice or identification is your unique vibrational frequency which allows me a connection to you. The intent I use allows your higher aspects of self to intervene and direct the energy that is needed while we converse over the phone and skype. So where ever you are globally you can benefit!


Colour therapy

Using a broad spectrum of colour cottons(the different spectrums of light) and coils I am able to offer distance healing on many ailments. This method was used successfully for years by my Grandmother - so is a family inherited modality. Usually within a True Quantum Healing session it will not be required. This option of treatment is for people seeking colour therapy as their principle treatment option. 


Spine and joint realignment

If you are having problems regarding back/neck/hip/joint pain, headaches, migraines which you know is linked to an alignment issue, I can help you!. It takes me only a few minutes to check you and treat you through distance healing. All I require is a photo of you, which I can obtain from your Facebook or Instagram page or if you send me your photo. Just message me through my website(see contact page) or on my Facebook page, Instagram page or YouTube channel. I will get to ASAP. Small charge of $20 NZD, which can be paid by internet bank transfer(NZ clients) or Paypal(overseas clients). Otherwise within a True Quantum Healing session I can extensively work on your spine and skeletal issues.


 Bioenergetic field clearing

The bioenergetic field is a energy field 4 feet from the body that gets accumulative negative energy attachment. By using the 9 inch rings we clear out all negative field and replace that area with positive field. You will feel uplifted, light and clear post the clearing (FOR WALK IN CLIENTS ONLY).


Nutritional/natural lifestyle advice

I have a postgraduate certificate in Nutrition. Have had many years of experience studying nutritional paradigms. Such as the raw food diet, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and whole food diets. 

Also have explored what a natural lifestyle should be for the human race amongst this artificial world we have developed around us. Through mentors such as Peter Ragnar, Dr Robert Cassar. Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe, and Bernando LaPallo. Just to name a few.


Distributor of Krystaline energy tools, Truly Holistic energy tools, and supplements

There are tools for everyone; from novices to energy practitioners. 

Tools to:

  • Amplify your intent
  • Get you ascension ready by allowing downloads of vibrations to be compatible and calibrate into your being!
  • Remove pain and inflammation
  • Restructure and charge your food and water
  • Accelerated healing
  • Remove geopathic stress
  • Clear negative energy from crystals
  • Charge crystals
  • Facilitate your own radionic device
  • Create balance in your life

I also provide nutraceutical supplements to alleviate deficiencies, supply a broad spectrum of minerals, and help reduce inflammation. Check my products page out!.