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Sacred Measurements

If you are interested in making your own tensor rings or are already making tensor rings, I thought I would share a link to a page where you can obtain the cubit measurements to make specific rings and also share cubit measurements I have discovered. Obviously I sell many of these tools here on my products page, but this is for the people who are passionate about make them and learning more from the process of making them. 


Cubit measures I have discovered: 

Telomere activation cubit - full cubit = 87.1cm, 1/4 cubit = 21.78cm

RNA activation cubit - full cubit = 75.5cm, 1/4 cubit = 18.88cm.

Dragon cubit - full cubit = 52.7cm, 1/2 cubit = 26.35cm, 1/4 cubit = 13.2cm

Blue blocking technologies

The blue light we receive from the sun is NOT the same as the blue light we receive from screen devices! Blue blocking glasses and other technologies such as light bulbs that remove blue light are essential in today's world, as we spend so much time in front of screen devices. Regulation of the circadian rhythm should be shaped by the sun's light and then absence of it at night NOT the light from screens. This is a huge cause of insomnia in today's world. The blue light from your iPhone, iPad, computer, and TV tells your pineal gland its midday - the apex of the sun in the sky! So you can see how this becomes a problem in the evening when the sun has set. The pineal gland only secretes melatonin(the hormone which initiates sleep) when there is darkness. The LED lights in housing today also does not help our pineal gland to secrete melatonin(or enough of it). Once the UV = 0, it's safe to look at the sun in the sky, which is the first two discs of the sun when it rises and the last two discs on the horizon when it sets. This is known as sun gazing. People that sun gaze have found that the sun calibrates you with energy! In fact people who travel across many time zones swear by both sun gazing and grounding to remove the effect of jet lag, as both practices calibrate you to where you are on the earth. You will also notice more of a orange colour to the sun during this time, as the blue light has diminished for these healing frequencies to calibrate you. And this is what these products can do for you! Click on this link to be sent to the shop to purchase blue blocking products - which I am now an affiliate member to, as I know the positive impact these products can have on your life!

Also check out these clips - one from my YouTube channel and the other from Earther academy YouTube channel

Earthing Technologies

We have the most nerve endings on the soles of our feet. For good reason!. The Earth's crust gets hit with lightning bolts numerous times a day, which imparts a negative ionisation charge. When we touch the Earth with our bare skin we uptake these negative ions. Negative ions produce an anti-inflammatory state in the body. Positive ionisation is a vibration and frequency that is not compatible with our own energy field. This causes our body to be in a inflammatory state. For example; WiFi, clothes dryer(you will notice static charge), computer, TV etc. By connecting to the Earth we change from being a closed circuit to an open circuit. This means, when we are a closed circuit we build up positive ion charge and cannot shrug it off. While when we earth ourselves and become an open circuit we can finally discharge the positive ions into the earth and uptake negative ions instead. As we live a busy life/existence, its very hard to be outside all day being in contact with the Earth. So these earthing technologies are a must in my opinion!. I recommend getting a earthing sheet for your bed - as we spend a third of the day sleeping at night, use this time to heal!. Also recommend a earthing pad/mat to place under your feet at either work, home while in front of a computer or watching the TV. Here are some links. They will ship to anywhere in the world you need it!.  

 USA: https://www.earthing.com/

Australia: https://www.earthingoz.com.au/

Skin cleaning protocol 

The skin is the largest organ of the body and a very important source of detoxification. Even though it protects us from outside environment, it is also important to enable flow through the skin. This can only be possible if the skin pores are open and not clogged. Poor nutrition, skin fungus, parasites within the skin can clog your skin - which doesn't allow you to absorb nutrition through the skin, and  detoxify contaminants out through the skin. This skin cleaning solution not only cleans the surface of the skin, it will enable the skin pores to open and provide nutrition to the skin as well. Here are some links.

LED Triple Pyramid

Listen to Wayne Gaydos from Kristaline Inc discuss the abilities of the LED Triple Pyramid