"Where True Quantum Healing continues to evolve"



Welcome to Truly Holistic  - the home of Ascendence healing & coaching - the home of Intuitively aligned

I have been using the unique method of True Quantum Healing (TQH) for 5 years now.  I have used this system as a baseline, allowing me to evolve Truly Holistic to where it is today! Not only am I able to find out the real causes to your health problems, I can take action immediately in removing them which has been validated with many clients stating they felt better during and at the end of the session. My realisation that all problems occur at a consciousness level has lead to Truly Holistic becoming a very unique healing modality! My purpose is to have greater knowing and understanding of reality itself. I am channeled every day with new information regarding our true identity. In fact most clients from week to week will notice how this healing modality has evolved, bringing them cutting edge healing as well as the information to help them with greater knowing and understanding of who they are as a unique and special individual. Its empowered healing, where you will get the healing work that is required, but also how you can become empowered to heal thyself too! 

For example if your complaint is diabetes, this method will find out the root cause (stressor). This may be a microbial imbalance leading to "infection", negative energy impacting the pancreas which is inhibiting its ability to secrete insulin, the pancreas may be emitting a lower vibration. Once we find what the stressor is and where within your being, we can use intent(sometimes coupled with an energy tool) to neutralise (remove) the stressor.

As I said earlier, in most cases, you will feel a difference during the session or at the end of the session. Common signs of an energy shift are more clarity, less pain, relaxation, tiredness(yawning), feeling at ease with self and relaxed. For more chronic cases you may need a few sessions to unravel and clear veils which are blocking the health problem, to finally remove the root stressor/s which are causing their health problem.

ALL THIS WORK CAN BE DONE HERE AT MY CLINIC IN PERSON, OR BY DISTANCE THROUGH EITHER SKYPE, MESSENGER(FACEBOOK), WHATSAPP,  ZOOM OR A PHOTO. 95% of my clientele is done through distance healing, so distance is no barrier. If the person who is being treated is unable to be present at the session, a family member can be used as a conduit for the healing, also a photo can be used. 

Here is a video explaining how this modality works!

Using my own charts systems, which evolved from True Quantum Healing (TQH), I can work on anything! 

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease - including arrhythmia's, blood pressure problems and coagulation issues
  • Asthma/COPD
  • Eczema/dermatitis other skin conditions
  • Spinal vertebrae & disc misalignment
  • Joint misalignment
  • Arthritis - calcification problems
  • Diabetes - type 1 and 2
  • Autoimmune disorders - such as rheumatoid arthritis, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, juvenille diabetes etc
  • Mental illnesses - such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, and schizophrenia
  • Addiction/escapism
  • Negative energies/entities/spiritual attachments
  • Sabotaging behaviour and habits
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as obstructions/blockages, diverticulitis, and leaky gut
  • Connection to self problems - lost identity and purpose!
  • Manifestation problems
  • Finding  your dharma/purpose
  • Flow problems - not only blood flow, digestive system flow, urinary flow but also being in the flow of life!
  • Ascension symptoms
  • Improving sleep
  • Thyroid problems
  • Removing stubborn cold and flu like symptoms

Just to name a few...essentially anything is treatable!

I have treated all ages, including young children and babies. Also had great success with treating animals.

The cost is $90.00 (NZD) per 45 minute session. $240.00 (NZD) for three pre-booked sessions. Initially I will ask for a brief history, including current symptoms and then my dowsing will do the rest. Multiple clearings can be done during this time. While the session takes place an explanation of what is found and why will be shared as YOU the client are the most important component in the healing process. So its a collaborative effort!